FSE Tripod / Floodlight

FSE Tripod

Tripod 1

Tripod 2

The FSE Tripod is manufactured from stainless steel and coated in High Visibility yellow for safety, it is fitted with solid rubber feet to ensure secure standing.

Primarily supplied for use with 24v Floodlight, it has an adjustable mast allowing for flexible deployment at the scene.

The Floodlight can be positioned and aimed, held in position by the convenient handwheel at the top of the mast. Due to its high stability the Tripod can be used in a variety of conditions and is  also a useful base for a variety of other applications such as for mounting directional or instructional signage and flags.


24V 500W Floodlight

24V 500W Floodlight 2FSE have designed and built the 24V 500W Floodlight to be used specifically with the FSE Tripod and the 50m Cable Reel.

As a set, these products enable Fire-fighters and other trades to work in an effectively lit scene utilising power from an appliance or other vehicle up to 50m away from the incident.

The lamp has an aluminium casing for weight saving, 500w Halogen bulb for bright clean light and has a 1m long 4 core cable fitted with a two pin plug for ease of connection.