Sand / Mud Lance

Sand / Mud Lance
The Multi-Purpose Sand Lance is a versatile piece of rescue equipment designed for inserting into sand or mud to aid the rescue of trapped casualties with the use of water or air.  The entrapment media is quickly displaced by the introduction of high pressure water or air, freeing the casualty for easy recovery. Operating the Sand Lance is straightforward, the lance is inserted into the media, the valve is opened and water or air is jetted from holes in the shaft of the lance into the media. Water is recommended for mud and wet sand, air for dry environments.

Stem Height: 1310mm from the spike to the top of the “T” section

Overall Length: 1340mm

Top Section Width:  450mm across the “T” section

Water Inlet diameter: ¾” with Ball Valve

Air Inlet: Norgren S/532A 16 Bar Non-Return Valve with Ball Valve

Construction: Construction: Made from Grade 1 Stainless Steel tubing. Approx 15mm Diameter

FSE Sand & mud Lance 2

FSE Sand & Mud Lance 6

Sand Lance

FSE Sand & Mud Lance 3

FSE Sand & Mud Lance 4