Chocks & Blocks (RTC Blocks)

Chocks & Blocks

As widely used over the last 20 years by Fire & Rescue Services in the UK and in many European countries , these Blocks, Wedges and Steps are manufactured from incredibly strong recycled plastic (Poly-Olefin Combination), are UV Stabilised, and resistant to extreme temperatures. These products are able to bear a load of up to 26.4 metric tonnes, provided that the load is equally distributed over the entire block and that the block is placed on ground capable of bearing the load.

One stack of Loc Blocs is capable of bearing the full force of a 20 tonne jack.

Chocks and Blocks Range

  These products were designed to provide support for vehicles whist extrication and rescue of the occupants is effected. They are excellent for stabilising Commercial Vehicle Jacks, Caravan Corner Steadies, providing a base for Motorhome Wheels, and giving additional support for Raised Vehicles on soft or unstable ground. The Blocks and Steps are also ideal for use in workshops to support vehicles during work.

The Blocks, Wedges and Steps can be used individually or in combination and are resistant to Acids, Alkalis, Alcohols, Aliphates and Ketones.

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